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The regulated period for political parties and non-party campaigners will extend back to 23 January 2019. Changes to the law. The UK government has changed the law on who can donate or lend money to UK registered political parties. From 31 December 2020, donations and loans can no longer be accepted from:

Political parties fulfil a range of functions in a democracy:- They bring together people with similar views and allow them to combine to try to achieve objectives related to those views. The party and its leaders can develop an overall vision and philosophy about the direction that society should take. 11 Advantages and Disadvantages of Political Parties

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What Political Party Am I? It's good that you want to know what political party you are. Get out the vote! We will figure out which party you're closest to with this political party quiz! START. parts: 29 jinny . … Which Political Party Do You Actually Belong To? | MagiQuiz Take this political spectrum quiz to find out which political party you actually belong to! Let’s get started! And don’t forget to make your voice heard by voting in the upcoming election! With so many candidates and opinions, it might be hard to see where you fall on the spectrum. Take this political … 2020 Political Quiz - iSideWith