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PfSense Configuration . Next, we go to the PfSense configuration steps. Go to https://[PfSenseIPAddress] and login with your credentials that you defined upon installation of the firewall. Once logged in, go to VPN -> IPsec. Click ‘Add P1’ to start the tunnel creation with a phase one definition. Fill it in with the following values: Setup IPsec Road-Warrior — OPNsense documentation Configure macOS Client¶. Start with opening your network settings (System Preferences ‣ Network) and Add a new network by pressing the + in the lower left corner.Now select VPN and Cisco IPSec, give your connection a name and press Create.. Now enter the details for our connection: Next press Authentication Settings to add the group name and pre-shared key. VPN IPSec site-to-site tunnel between pfSense and Cisco

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Slow speed within IPSec | Netgate Forum I have set up a 2nd VPN to a second data store area, to see if that changes anything. We're using a 4820, I believe, and hardly touching CPU, processes, or memory. Head end VPN termination is on a Juniper SSG520 with about 80 configured VPNs. The 2nd VPN I'm setting up goes to an SSG320, with only 2 VPN's configured.